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Monday, August 5, 2013

Ups and Downs

     I was so excited to see Brandon yesterday when he got home from vacation.  He seemed to have had a good time, and I think that the boys behaved themselves.  He even brought back a t-shirt and some shells for me.  Makes me smile to think that he thought of me while he was gone.  This morning it was back to school for him and back to work this evening.  I think it was a rough day.  He came home from work and went to bed.  But, to his credit, he didn't complain about getting up this morning.
     What else went on today?  I had to take back a coffee maker that I bought in June because it just quit working.  I was afraid that they wouldn't take it because it's been over a month, and I didn't have the original box.  However, I did have the serial number from the box - I taped it to the direction booklet, and I had the receipt. (There is a helpful hint for you.  Cut the serial number and the UPC code off of boxes and tape them to instruction booklets, and staple the receipt to the back page.  Then store all of these books in one "junk" drawer.)  So, I took it back to the store, and - YAY - they took it back for store credit.  That was fine with me because I wanted to get a new one, but not the same brand.  I originally bought a knock-off Keurig.  When I took it back today, I bought the real deal.  This was one time when it didn't pay to try to save money. 
     I also had to go to the doctor today for a follow up.  Remember the walking the dog debacle?  Well, my back has some degeneration in the discs, and my lower back muscles are in spasm.  She doesn't know why the spasms are happening, but she gave me a paper with some stretches on it.  I am looking at it as a kick in the butt to start doing yoga again.  I have been saying that I'm going to do it, and now I have to.  So, that is a good thing! Ups and downs... whatta ya gonna do?
     I feel like I've been much too "heavy" and serious lately, so it's time for some humor.  Did you know that there is a kids' game called "Doggie Doo"?  I found that out this weekend when I went to my parents'.  My mom watches two little girls - one is less than a year old, and the other one is four years old.  The four year old brought this game to my mom's house and asked if my nephews and I would like to play.  Intrigued, I said sure.  So, what exactly is Doggie Doo?  It is what it sounds like.  You cut out "dog food" from this goo-like stuff, and you shove it into the dog's mouth.  Then you stick a bone, lengthwise, into its mouth. (So far it's teaching the kid great things about dogs - they eat their own doo, and you should shove bones into their mouths lengthwise.) You roll the die, and then you squeeze a handle, attached to an air hose that goes into the dog, however many times the die says.  You are rewarded with some excellent flatulent sounds, and they sound like wet ones!  Each player also has a plastic shovel.  When it is your turn, you place the shovel under the dog's behind before you squeeze the handle in case he does the doo on your turn.  If you catch the doo three times, you win. Incredible! Now, what I want to know is, who thinks of these games?  Seriously?  How do you make money on a game where a dog takes a crap?  I also have to ask, who buys these games?  In this case, the four year old picked it out herself; so that is understandable.  But, other than me, who would buy this?  Because I would so buy it for one of my nephews or cousins.  (A few years ago I bought a game where you have to pick snot from a man's head for my nephew's birthday.  I am an AWESOME aunt!)  It would just never occur to me to make a game like this.  But, I will not be left behind.  I am already working on my million dollar idea.  I think it is going to have something to do with cleaning a litterbox and getting different amounts of points for pee clumps and cat doo. What do you think? 


  1. I was surprised by these games too. My theory is they are targeted to boys, the grosser the better.

  2. I thought that too, but the four year old is quite a girly girl. I think that maybe they just appeal to those who think potty humor is funny, and who doesn't still laugh like a juvenile at some of those.