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Thursday, August 8, 2013

What's New?

     Hola, mis hermanas y hermanos.  Como estan ustedes?  No, you didn't accidentally change the language on your computer - I did that once and learned "pirate-speak."  I know I haven't posted for a couple of days.  I have been a busy lady.  I have been thinking and dreaming and planning.  In the corner of my living room sits a personal exercise trampoline and a brand new Yamaha acoustic guitar.  Yes, I finally broke down and bought one that fits me.  Thanks for the loan, Dad, but I would have to have the hands of a basketball player to play yours.  On my kitchen table sits a "learn Spanish in 30 days" kit.  So, as you can see, I have lots of short-term plans.
     I intend to use the trampoline, along with a yoga cd that I already have, to do some exercise and stretches that will help my back.  I think I may also need a visit to the chiropractor. The guitar is to continue something that I started a few months ago.  I want to learn how to play.  I already read music, so it's just a matter of learning the fingering.  The Spanish kit is to help me brush up/relearn Spanish.  I used to be pretty fluent - at one point, it was my major in college - but languages are a use it or lose it skill, and I haven't used it.  I think that relearning the language will make me more marketable.  I may even apply for some translator positions, preferably written translations.  So, tomorrow, I am NOT cleaning my house (although maybe I should).  I am going to vacuum the living room so that I can exercise without inhaling enough fur to clone my dog and my cat.  Then, I am going to sit down and spend a couple of hours working on Spanish.  And, tomorrow afternoon, I am going to work on learning to play the guitar.  I am pretty excited to have a plan.  I am going to clean and do some laundry over the next few days, but I can do that in between the things that I actually want to do.  What? Are you shocked that I don't really want to clean and do laundry?  I am also going to make it a point to continue praying, reading my Bible, and listening for God's words on what I should be doing next.
     On the job front, I turned down a job this morning.  I found out that the job was over on the North Shore, which would make it quite a distance to drive for work each day.  And, it was solely paid on commission; there was no base salary.  I couldn't take something like that. I wouldn't even be guaranteed to make enough money to cover my gas every week. But, I did put in three or four more applications last night.  I have been putting in around ten or so each week.  As far as traveling and writing, I have been doing some thinking about that, too.  It still sounds appealing to me.  However, I began considering the day-to-day implications of that lifestyle, and I don't think I'm ready to be away from my family every single day for a long period of time.  What I am looking into now, instead, is possibly taking two or three, week-long trips to some places that I have been dying to see.  One will have to be to New Mexico - in the middle of that state - and the other has to be the Florida Keys.  I have not priced out these trips yet, so I don't know for sure when (or if) it will happen.  But, that is my new goal for now. 
     I realized that I cannot be happy without the people who mean the most to me, and that would be my family and friends.  Someday, I may still do the traveling.  This just isn't the right time.  However, the writing can still happen, and that is part of my plans.  I have some work to do on the house first.  I need to set up the spare bedroom upstairs with a desk and bookshelves and my filing cabinet. (This will require moving furniture from and re-doing the living room and moving furniture from and equipment to the family room.  Don't even ask why.)  That is going to take some work, but, once that is done, I will have a place where I can go and be undisturbed while writing. 
     I am also making a conscious effort to get out more.  I had lunch with a friend today, and we may hang out at some point this weekend.  I also heard from another friend; I have to call him back, and we will hang out, too.  There are a few friends who I need to see soon.  In addition, I am planning on heading back to church this Sunday.  Next weekend, I am going on a mini-vacation with my mom, one of my aunts, and one of my cousins.  We are only heading to Ohio, so I can still keep up with my applications - don't worry unemployment office. 
     I think that the only thing that could throw me off now would be any physical issues.  I had both of my necessary crowns done - just waiting for the permanent ones - so that is taken care of.  I saw the doctor about my back.  She recommended the low-impact exercise and stretches, so, hopefully, that will be taken care of - I may still need a trip to the chiropractor.  On Monday, I see the ENT, so my ear will be taken care of, which should stop these lingering headaches.  See, I haven't just been "doing nothing."  I do, also, need to research my health insurance options soon, before mine runs out. I know that my family and friends have been worried about me spending so much time by myself, but there have been good reasons, and I am handling them.  It's hard to go out and have a good time when you don't feel well. 
     So things are moving on for me.  I hope that all of you are finding your way on your journeys as well.  Please feel free to share your ideas, questions, comments, etc.  I would love to have this blog become a place where we can have a virtual coffee klatch.  I have never had the time to have a real one in the mornings with the other moms and women in the neighborhood, and maybe some of you have not either.  But, even if you have had, or are having, that experience, you will just have that much more to add here.  I hope you all have a wonderful night, or day, depending on when you read this. 

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